My Fellow Keiths
Soon, I hope, Keith will have it's Annual General Meeting and there's a few things that needs thoughts beforehand.

1.	Positions in Team Management
	Some Keiths will be content to continue in roles they had during the 2015 season and others may be thinking about giving up those roles.
	If you believe that you can contribute to one of the following Keith Positions, please give it some thought before the meeting.
		- Coach - Forwards
		- Coach - Backs
		- Manager
		- Manager's Assistant
		- Financial Controller
		- Clothing Officer
		- Social Media Officer
		- 2018 Anniversary / Tour Co-Ordinator
		- Social Committee

2.	2016 Team Jerseys
	I believe it's important that we start the year off with new jerseys from Game 1. Please think about design options and funding for these.

3.	2016 Aftermatch Clothing / Training Gear
	One aspect of team unity that we often overlook is team gear available at the start of the season. Our relationship with our suppliers can be used to facilitate this even before final funding is obtained.
	If you agree, please think about design and funding.

4.	Pub Charity Funding
	This is a major source of Keith Finances but too often we do not utilize our ability as an Incorporated Society to apply for funding in a timely manner or from other legal sources of funds.

5.	2018 Anniversary / Tour
	40 years is a grand achievement for a social group of any kind and deserves to be celebrated in style.
	Talk has been around a tour to the United States so we need to seriously think can we accomplish this, including funding and logistics in the time frame left to us.
	Also, we need to give serious thought to how we fundraise and what personal level of commitment each Keith needs to put in.
	We can't go around picking coins up off the street but need to garner fulsome quantities of cash.

6.	Team Spirit
	We have a Clubrooms. We have 38 years of unique team history and traditions. Use them or loose them.

7.	Recruiting
	The main reason we have lasted this long when 3 other similar teams in our own club and countless others from other clubs have disappeared is because we attract quality New Boys.
	Please give effort to think of ways to encourage and sign up new Keiths for 2016.

8.	If there are any other things that you can think of that I have not mentioned here, please bring those thoughts with constructive ideas to the meeting.

	Beer is Your Friend
	John McKeage
	Secretary, Keith Incorporated.