Proposed Keith Rugby Code of Conduct.

Keith has a long tradition of Good Sportsmenlike behavior both on and off the pitch.
We treat our fellow team mates and supporters as we wish they'd treat us.
We enjoy our "home" games just as much as our "away" games and strive to make our opposition feel like true visitors.
Sometimes, however, passion for the game can sway our judgment, so here is our Code of Conduct.

1.	All Keiths shall respect their team mates, supporters, Club officials, match officials and the opposition team.
2.	All Keiths shall treat with respect and care the playing fields and facilities that we use.
3.	All Keiths shall play within the laws of the game and not use violence against anyone.
4.	All Keiths shall accept decisions of match officials and remember that mistakes happen and life moves on.
5.	All Keiths shall strive to add to the teams' strengths by training, playing and socialising as a team.
6.	All Keiths shall be Keithly.